Our Mission

At Southland Timber. We distribute a wide range of timber and timber products. 

At Southland, we are “The Wood Specialists”. Our ability to adapt to customer needs has earned us a reputation as an outstanding wood product source. Our expertise and flexibility has resulted in solid working relationships with our customers.

Environmental Policy

Southland is committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner.

To fulfill this commitment, we:

  • Operate our business to meet or surpass all relevant regulated environmental requirements and subscribe to all codes of practice;
  • Set objectives, targets and action plans and use processes, practices, materials and products chosen to avoid or control adverse effects on the environment;
  • Identify responsibilities and accountability for employees for safe and environmentally sound work practices;
  • Monitor effectiveness and review environmental programs, objectives and targets with the goal of ensuring continual improvement;
  • Sell only forest products from environmentally responsible producers;
  • Distribute an increasing variety of products with recognized ecological certifications;
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