Rough Sawn Timber

Comes as originally cut without smoothing or sanding to the standard size of the circular saw. This is the first stage that you would receive the timber at, from the mill, before any further work is done on it. This timber is ideal when it’s used on a site where it can’t be seen and the surface finish is not important. The timber will also vary in width and thickness throughout the length and breadth of the plank.

PAR Timber

Planed all round (PAR) means all flat surfaces are planed. Planed square edge means you have one edge planed straight and can measure from there. It’s one step up from fine sawn. The secret in the consistency of the planing thicknesses is the treating. This is because timber typically swells inconsistently across its length and breadth once treated so an allowance for 1mm to 2mm should be made. Timber typically swells less if it’s clear treated (TBTN) as opposed to green treated (CCA). TBTN treatment is not suitable for outside though

We can provide a great range of high quality timbers including:

  • Pine

  • Saligna
  • Meranti
  • Oak
PAR 1 1024x763 - Rough Sawn Timber
12550 - Rough Sawn Timber

Domestic or commercial

At Southland Timber we provide a great range of timbers and prepared timber products to both the public and commercial customers such as builders and joiners. If you’re unsure exactly what you need, our friendly and professional staff can point you in the right direction.