Saligna beams

Scientific Name : Eucalyptus

Family: Myrtaceae

South American Hardwood

Southland Timber specializes in the supply of Glue laminated beams, commonly known as Glulam.

Saligna Beam

Southland Laminated Beams

Strength you can build on ~ Quality you can count on!

Due to their fast growth, Eucalyptus trees are and excellent source of wood.

Eucalyptus(Saligna) trees boast a number of features that make their wood ideal for decoration, timber, firewood and pulpwood. The trees can be chopped off at the root and grow back again.

Glulam Beam - Saligna Beams


  • Uses 
    beams and headers, columns and posts, 
    floor and roof joists, decking, arches
  • Appearance grades
    architectural and industrial
  • Apearance grades
    see the table below
  • Service conditions
    dry and wet uses
  • Grades
    Grade 7
    Thickness in mm
    38, 50, 63, 75, 89, 114, 140, 165
    Width in mm
    67, 89, 111, 133, 156, 178, 200, 222, 244, 267, 289, 311, 333,
    356, 378, 400, 422, 467, 489, 511, 533, 556, 578, 600, 622,

    *All dimensions in mm.
    *All lengths in 300mm increments.
    *Higher beam grades ( 7+) to be arranged prior to placing the order. Note: This usually results in a longer lead time should you require a grading certificate.

Southland Glulam architectural products boast an elegant finish that’s meant to be showcased. These products are generally custom-manufactured for structural projects.


Southland Timber industrial products feature a less polished finish designed for behind-the-scenes applications. These standard size products are available from our distributors.