Quadrant Mouldings1000595 small 1 - Mouldings


 can be used for decorative railing and dividing wall areas. Our range includes Meranti and Pine products.

Stripwood1000207 small 1 - Mouldings

SL Stripwood

Stripwood is a functional moulding with four squared edges, used for a host of applications.

Decorative MouldingsDecorative Mouldings small 1 - Mouldings


Add the finishing touch to doors, walls and furniture with our range of Decorative Mouldings including panel, crown and barrel moulding.
Dowels1000594 small 1 - Mouldings


Our range of Dowels are perfect for a variety of uses such as reinforcing woodworking joints or making curtain poles and broom handles.

Covers1000598 small 1 - Mouldings


Our Covers are great for adding a smooth edge to shelves, worktops or cladding. Choose from a range of pine, light hardwood products in various shapes.
Beading1000593 small 1 - Mouldings

Lip Beading

Beading provides low maintenance finishing trim, in a range of materials including MDF, softwood  and hardwood

Skirting Board1000589 small 1 - Mouldings

Skirting Board

Southland Skirting Board is ideal for preventing unsightly damage to the lower portions of interior walls.
Architrave1000590 small 2 - Mouldings


Southland Timber Architrave can be used as surrounds for windows and doors, and can be painted, varnished or stained.
Skirting - Mouldings

Most popular

Species : Meranti

Size: 20mm x 100mm

DSC02177 - Mouldings

Most popular

Species : Pine

Size: 20mm x 100mm

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All of our Mouldings; skirting, architrave, dado rails,  picture rails, dowels etc, are manufactured using the very latest technologies using the premium grade pine, MDF and Meranti. Our precision engineered mouldings are manufactured to achieve the highest levels of both quality and consistency.