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After ten years of designing and building custom pergolas we a wide have selection of pergola styles and materials to choose from. We can supply you with the perfect pergola to fit your setting.

pavilion - Pergolas and Pavilions


A Pavilion may be more appropriate for your needs, so we offer four styles of pavilions ranging from mountainside-rustic to commercial to highly refined residential. Take a look!


Whether natural timbers or glue-laminated timbers, we design, engineer, fabricate and install custom timber frames, down to the last hardwood peg, hammered in by hand. 

Our timber frame design process begins with our clients’ ideas, then we make the idea work structurally, and then we add an elegant style to the design.

Timber frames are great to incorporate in a building design because they allow for open concept interiors, and the trusses are beautiful and can span great distances at lofty heights like ancient cathedrals


It’s similar for most projects. Here is how we do it:

  1. Start with our clients’ construction ideas.
  2. Draw preliminary pencil sketches for review and pricing.
  3. Create a 3d model that can be viewed from all directions.
  4. Run engineering to ensure structural stability.
  5. Receive final approval from our client.
  6. Draw detailed 2d shop drawings.
  7. Seal the shop drawings with a stamp from our structural engineering team.

poolside pergola

Henley ok Klip



attached pergola




Top 8 Places People Place Their Backyard Pergolas

Our customers find many unique ways to use their purchase, but here are the most popular: 

•    to protect your car 
•    cover your deck 
•    cover your patio 
•    protect your barbeque or outdoor dining area 
•    over your hot tub 
•    put next to your pool 
•    adorn a garden